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Oct 01

Know an amazing principal? Nominate him or her for a 2018-19 REB leadership award

Henrico, Va. Oct. 1, 2018 – The REB Awards for Distinguished Educational Leadership provide a tangible, public way to recognize an outstanding principal at a Henrico County school. The Community Foundation’s yearly awards identify, recognize and support leadership excellence in the Richmond area. Honorees receive an unrestricted $7,500 cash grant, and $7,500 to be used for school initiatives. Eligible are principals from public schools in Henrico, Chesterfield and Hanover counties and the city of Richmond. Nominees should have served in their current positions for at least three years.

To find out more and download a nomination form, go to Educational-Leadership.

Who: The Community Foundation invites nominations from students, parents, colleagues, school personnel and administrators and the community at large. Nominations should take the form of a completed nomination form, downloaded from the foundation’s website, a one- to two-page typeset letter describing the nominee’s distinguished educational leadership. It can be accompanied by up to three one-page letters of support. Principals may not nominate themselves.

When: Nominations must be mailed or hand-delivered, and must be received by 5 p.m. on Nov. 8. Emailed or faxed nominations are not accepted.

Where: Please mail nominations to:

REB Awards for Distinguished Educational Leadership

The Community Foundation

Attn: Stacey Keeley, Donor Engagement Officer

Boulders View Drive, Suite 110

Richmond, Va. 23225

For questions regarding nominations, please contact Tracie Weston, director of HCPS’ Department of Professional Learning and Leadership, at 804-652-3840. More information is also available at

Award recipients will be announced in March 2019.

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Sep 30

Skipwith Renovation and Office News

2018-2019 Office Location:

Due to construction, the office has been relocated to the back of the building; please follow the red signs and enter the building at the back door. If you have any question or concerns please call the school at 804-527-4650

Todd Smith, Principal


2018-2019 School Office Hours:

Main Office Hours  – 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Student Arrival and Dismissal

7:20- buses begin unloading student and students can be dropped off in the car loop.

7:35 a.m. students must be in the cafeteria in order to be served breakfast. 

7:40 a.m. – Bell rings and classes begin!

Students are considered late if they arrive after this time. 

2:10 p.m. – Dismissal begins and buses leave Skipwith at 2:20.

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Sep 30

Skipwith Receives Two Grants!

Henrico Education Foundation Grant

We are very excited and thankful for the grant we received from the Henrico Education Foundation. Thanks to Mrs. Deidre Cox, our ESL teacher for writing the grant and leading the charge with this project. The grant check was presented at Back to School Night. This money will help add materials to the Skipwith bookroom, which will support our teacher’s lessons and student’s reading skills


Image may contain: 3 people, including Todd A Smith and Jeanette Jones Mills, people smiling, people standing and suit


Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grant

We are thrilled to receive a grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. This money has been used to purchase part of the Literacy Footprints program. Thanks to Margaret Taylor, school secretary for leading the way with writing this grant to support our students and teachers.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Todd A Smith, people smiling, people standing

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Aug 26

Henrico County OnlineTools

Henrico County Public Schools makes it easy for parents and students to access important information by using a host of online tools:

CLICK HERE for online services

Digital Learning Tools: Learn more about the wide range of resources made available for student e-Learning

Free and Reduced Price Meals Application (Available Aug. 16)

Library Services gives your student access to the HCPS Libraries catalog, e-books and powerful online resources. Please use your student computer login to access the site.

MySchoolBucks (Available Aug. 16): Pay for School Meals.

NutriSlice features school menus, including nutritional information and allergens.

Online School Payments (OSP) (Available Aug. 16) is an online service that provides the convenience to pay online for student fees, field trips and miscellaneous costs determined by schools. Please note that there is a 4.00 percent convenience charge for using Online School Payments. Instructions for creating an OSP account.

RYCOR Online Forms (Available Aug. 16) submit your children’s school forms through a secure online website

PowerSchool (Available Aug. 16) provides easy access to current grades, attendance records and student schedule information.

Schoology, which replaced School Space in 2016, is an integrated platform that connects the entire learning community: Students (grades 6-12), teachers, and families. In 2017, the platform will expand to include elementary school students.

Student Records Request is a secure site for former students to get transcripts, attendance information and employment verifications.

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Aug 26

Upcoming Monthly & Weekly Events


 National Bullying Prevention Month

National Czech, Italian, and Polish Heritage Month

School Events:

        Monday, Oct 8: Student holiday (Columbus Day)

        Tuesday , Oct 16 – PTA Spirit Night at CC Pizza

        Thursday Oct 18 – PTA Book Character Night 6:00 pm


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Jul 16

2018-2019 School Supply List

School Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

  • 4 boxes of 24 crayons
  • 1 box of 8 classic color washable markers
  • 1 pair blunt scissors
  • 2 black and white composition books
  • 1 family size box of tissues
  • 1 container of anti-bacterial wipes
  • 1 plastic snap school box (5″ x 8″)
  • 12 large (.77oz.) glue sticks
  • 3 pink block erasers
  • 1 dozen #2 pencils (standard yellow)
  • 1 art smock or large old t-shire)
  • 1 pack of white paper plates (girls)
  • 1 pack of brown lunch bags (boys)
  • 1 box zip lock bags (boys-gallon)(girls-sandwich)
  • 1 pack of lined index cards
  • 1 plastic pocket folder with prongs


1st Grade Supply List

  • 3 plastic folders
  • 3 black and white composition books
  • 1 dozen SHARPENED #2 pencils (standard yellow)
  • 2 boxes of 16 crayons
  • 8 LARGE glue sticks (.77 oz.)
  • 1 pair school scissors
  • 1 box of 8 WASHABLE classic color markers
  • 1 plastic snap school box (5” x 8”)
  • 4 pink block erasers
  • 2 large box of tissues
  • 1 large old t-shirt for art (child’s name on it)
  • 1 8 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1 pack of 4 WASHABLE dry erase markers
  • 1 box Ziploc bags (boys-gallon)(girls-sandwich)
  • 1 container of disinfecting wipes

2nd Grade Supply List

  • 1 three-ring binder-1 inch ONLY
  • 7 black and white composition books
  • 3 boxes of 16 crayons
  • 1 box of 8 washable classic color markers
  • 1 box 12-count colored pencils
  • 12 large glue sticks (.77 oz.)
  • 2 dozen pencils (standard yellow)
  • 4 pink block erasers
  • 1 plastic snap school box (5X8 only)
  • 2 pairs of school scissors
  • 1 ruler (not flexible) with both cm and inches
  • 2 box of tissues
  • 8 ½ in x 11 in white board
  • 3 black dry erase markers
  • 1 pack ruled index cards
  • 1 container of anti-bacterial  wipes
  • 1 8-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer (girls)
  • 1 box quart-size freezer bags (boys)

3rd Grade Supply List

  • 1 box of 24 crayons (replenish as needed)
  • 1 box colored pencils (replenish as needed)
  • 1 pack of markers (for classroom marker bin)
  • 1 pkg multi colored dry erase markers
  • 5 black and white composition notebooks
  • 8 large (.77oz) glue sticks (replenish as needed)
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 2 packs notebook paper
  • 3 doz. #2 pencils (standard yellow)(replenish as needed)
  • 1 package of highlighters (replenish as needed)
  • 4 pocket folders (plastic recommended)
  • 1 pencil/supply box
  • 1 pencil/supply pouch
  • 3 boxes of tissues
  • 1 bottle hand sanitizer
  • 2 packs of  baby wipes
  • 1 box of band aids (assorted sizes)
  • 1 box zip lock bags (boys-gallon)(girls-quart )\

4th Grade Supply List

  • 1 zipper supply pouch (NO SCHOOL BOXES)
  • 1 box of 24 crayons
  • 1 pair of pointed school scissors
  • 2 dozen #2 pencils (standard yellow)
  • 3 pack of Scotch Brand Tape (replenish as needed)
  • 6 giant  (.77 oz.) Elmer’s Brand glue sticks
  • 2 boxes of family size tissues
  • 3 yellow highlighters
  • 2 red pens
  • 6 plastic pocket folders
  • 2 box of quart Ziploc Brand bags
  • 2 packs of 100, lined 3×5 index cards
  • 12 wide ruled composition notebooks
  • 4 packages of loose leaf paper
  • 3 black Expo Brand dry erase markers
  • 1 plastic shoebox container with a lid (available at Dollar Store)
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (boys only)
  • 1 pack of baby wipes (girls only)

5th Grade Supply List

  • 1 zipper supply pouch (NO SCHOOL BOXES)
  • 1 box of colored pencils  (replenish as needed)
  • 1 pair of pointed school scissors
  • 2 dozen #2 pencils (standard yellow) (replenish as needed)
  • 4 large glue sticks (.77 oz.) (replenish as needed)
  • 2 boxes of family size tissues
  • 3 highlighters
  • 1 plastic pencil sharpener with cover
  • 2 red pencils or pens
  • 6 pocket folders
  • 1 set earbuds
  • 4 one-subject spiral notebooks
  • 1 Composition Notebook
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 1 4-pack of dry erase markers (replenish as needed)
  • 1 pack of loose leaf paper (replenish as needed)
  • 1 clipboard (optional)
  • 1 pack of baby wipes (Boys Only)
  • 1 box gallon-size bags (Girls Only)
  • $5 Cash for Scholastic News Magazine Subscription

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