Nov 07

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Skipwith Elementary has the ‘youngest inventors in the world’

Skipwith Elementary has the ‘Youngest inventors in the world’ (Proud moment for USA & India)
Youngest Inventors in the world – Nevaan Kothari & Riaan Kothari

Nevaan Kothari (6 years old) in Mr. Scalise’s first grade classroom and his brother Riaan Kothari (3.5 years old) a pre-school student not attending Skipwith have recently received a US patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for their Lollipop Toothbrush invention. With the grant of this patent, Kothari brothers have become the youngest pair of inventors in the world.

The Lollipop Toothbrush invention is a creative and unique invention which consists of a toothbrush attached at the end of the lollipop handle. This invention will help to remind and enable children to immediately clean their teeth/gums after eating the yummy lollipop. In addition to the Lollipop Toothbrush, the youngest inventor brothers have also included many other similar concepts in their patent application, including using a toothbrush with dinner plates, bottles, lunchboxes, silverware, etc., giving them the first opportunity to request a patent examination for those other things too.

Please click on the link below to view the NBC12 news report.
NBC12 – Richmond (Virginia, USA)


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